Welcome to Platform PE

Welcome to Platform PE. Our aim is help and support schools and teachers in the delivery of a high-quality school sport, physical activity and physical education.

This platform will allow schools, to plan, review, assess and deliver a high-quality Physical education programme whilst providing ongoing evidence to ensure progression through the lessons. By using this platform, the aim is to provide teachers with the chance to upskill their knowledge and teaching through a structured programme that they are in control of. The platform works particularly well with outside agencies being engaged in and delivering a joined-up curriculum.

Based on the national curriculum Platform PE aims to provide a working platform that can be continually added to including, Yearly Plans, lesson plans, activity builder and assessment for learning tool.


Enter here for high quality Platform PE. Create yearly plans for your class for PE, or assess individuals against the national curriculum. View the activity library to gain ideas, or create a lesson plan. Your whole PE curriculum on one Platform.


Enter here for high quality Platform PE. Help schools that you work in create yearly plans or view the activity library for lesson ideas. All linked to the national curriculum for PE.


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