Bond ETFs for investors who fear both higher rates and a stock market crash Plus, why TC Energy is thriving in the wake of Keystones cancelation

One big virtue of these diversified short-term bond ETFs is management expense ratios of around 0.1 per cent. Yields are low these days, which means a minimal fee is imperative. The mix of corporate and government bonds is also helpful – government bonds will do better if stocks fall hard, while corporates have more resilience in an inflationary world with rates rising. How do you navigate this contradiction-filled outlook?

In fact, Wall Street’s benchmark index this week inched to a record high after days of sideways trading, and U.S. Treasury yields eased after Thursday’s Labor Department report showed the consumer price index in May had its biggest year-on-year jump in 13 years. And yet Harper’s ads sneer that Mulcair is a political lifer, and Trudeau ‘never had to make payroll’.

Can a normal working class / professional Canadian family have a quality life in Calgary which includes a decent detached home without the need to time the market waiting for a correction? I try to persuade him his life will be so much simpler as a renter. Very little maintenance when you’re renting. I argue he’ll have more money because as a renter, he won’t have all the hidden costs of homeownership.

He’s been on EI every opportunity he gets (several times including multiple training for new skills – because, according to his research, being on training keeps you on EI longer). He would intentionally not make more money to qualify for social housing because, according to him, why pay more when you don’t have to. While he fully intends to depend on the government hand outs when he retires, I, on the other hand, fully intends to donate to charity every penny I get from the government.

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Back to school for this lot or numbers are being manipulated. I work in an industrial park in West Richmond, and have seen 3 companies in the park either shut down, or relocate in the past few months. Layoffs at the tech Co. that I work for, too. Another Co. in Burnaby winding down in June, probably about 100 tech jobs looking for work.

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And I think it’s the right decision too. With the advent of large TFSAs the logic that the unit holder will pay tax falls away. No decent income – no audience for how to invest the non-existing extra money. People may see years of paying down mortgages with their equity virtually staying the same. The single biggest screw-up the moist ones are making now? Just look at the blog as a really great nightclub with the usual mix of characters – some amazing and outstanding and some you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

All those savers that were going to vulch when the time was just right may be in for a big surprise. Great, homes are 30 percent cheaper but credit is harder get get and deb costs twice as much to service. And that second income is gone, wife just lost her job. Down 8-15% wherever this thing ends.

What are the average MERs by fund type?

No, they’re not in trouble and there’s no evidence another 2008 is on the horizon. But markets are signaling the wind has changed. xsb token price No more are we in an era of cheap money, easy credit, low rates, zero inflation and central bankers throwing cash from helos.

The Federal government has placed quite a few of their eggs in the housing basket and as a result is reluctant circulate statistics that might discourage home ownership. CMHC is still tracking a wide range on market fundamentals but there is very little interest in warning Canadians that the current market has become disconnected from basic fundamentals. The only reason you or anyone else can get their dividends and 50% lower marginal tax rate is because of the working stiffs for the companies you invest in who are paid far less and at a higher tax rate. He bought the house over 30 years ago and still has a mortgage? Further proof how indebted people are across Canada, including those who appear to be and should be financially set.

You can get about 1.6 per cent from broad-based bond ETFs, but with more downside risk. BTW – Germany may be restrictive in not letting people wash cars in their drivways, but the countries with Bog Government aren’t big on non-financial freedoms either. The Herd knows their jobs went to China, Mexico, and India. For the owner, rising RE means you will preside over even more dead capital unless you take profit and get out of the game. Falling RE means you may have to chase the market downward to salvage some of what you thought was surefire wealth. For the renter, if RE goes up then the already sizable landlord subsidy will become even sweeter.

The truth is that the 1% have no plans of taking us back to feudalism and enslave the masses. The truth can be much more mundane than that. Thus economic booms give raise to capitalist governments, and economic busts give raise to socialist governments, c’est la vie. This is where many future jobs can and will be created in Canada.

  • Raymond James Ltd. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.
  • Weatherman was wrong, it is really bad outside.
  • Let the US, China and Germany create more technologies and then we leverage that into the market.
  • I personally look at it as an opportunity.

But you knew that…up close and personal. It’s not a dirty word; it represents an ideology of oppression, violence, and anti-freedom. Some people like this …some people don’t . On RRSP you don;t pay the dividend tax.

Truth is that governments are riding on the back of a tiger. Unless they bail out the greater fools mired in debt their mandate is null and void. Those who promise to make it all right – however baseless their pledge may be – will prosper at the ballot box. Think about moving every day until you get used to the idea. Either that, or start thinking about an alternative lifestyle. With current rates, it’s still “extend and pretend”.

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Well I’m pretty sure that Harper never worked a non-political job, never went looking for work (he was politically well-connected), and probably never had to make payroll, either. Good point about needing to save money for kids education. At 1 year my son has 3k in Bank of Montreal ZUE ETF. He got his first dividend at 1 year 3 months.

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Hate to brake it to you by and large woman don’t give a rat’s ass about finance or coding. Now the fact that you do give a shit is a great step forward for woman kind. “I’ve budgeted for a hike in rates,” the father of two said. Make it policy to have a small banking sector.

If one is going to invest I still believe your approach is far superior to that of most who think that ‘playing the markets’ actually works. Corporate less that government, but high yield more than both. Remembrance Day, family feast, only thing i can think of is deer hunting will start soon. Hopefully next year wife will come hunting with me. I hope it doesn’t start snowing any time soon. It is the most beautiful country in the world.

What are Carrick’s tips on how to improve your personal finance game?

You just don’t create demand, the peons must have excess coin available to make demand. They are wrung dry, no coin – no demand. Business owners deduct cars, trips, meals, clothes as expenses. Workers pay tax on all these things. Vote for the party that you think will help pave the way for entrepreneurialship in the clean tech industry. Finally, people with houses must, of course, be rich.

Should you invest in traditional mutual funds or index funds?

A good percentage of my portfolio is in shopify and dollarama, and I thought I crushed it over the last few years, but nothing quite like what you able to achieve. I’d appreciate hearing some specifics in your strategy as I am always looking to learn when it comes to investing. Not so much – credit union business going straight up. Like old resource town with population falling consistently over the last 3 decades.. Where average homes are asking – and getting $800k. A 75% drop would bring those houses to $200k.